What happens when tricks go wrong?

When a magician is performing on stage for a paying audience and something goes horribly wrong what do they do? Do they run back stage jump into fetal position and rock back and forth in a cold sweat, vowing to never perform that trivial magic nonsense in public ever again?

This question is often posed to many live performers, but holds especially true for magicians because magic is inherently meant to be impressive with a ‘wow me’ conclusion. If there isn't a magic payoff then the audience will know you must have fluffed it, right magic boy?

In reality the audience doesn't know how you are going to finish the routine, and if something does go wrong you can somewhat barrel roll your way out into some sort of ending. However, occasionally there is no way out and it is in these moments you wish you became an Accountant or Lawyer like our parents would have wanted. Gentlemen of Deceit call these moments of clarity.

In our experience when things do go wrong we find it is rarely the magic itself. Here are two prime examples of when things have gone wrong in a magic show but was not the magic tricks.

1. Fathers Day Luncheon Undies. I was performing for a Father’s Day luncheon several years back for an audience of around 200. Before I walked on stage I bent over to fetch my mic and to my dismay the rear of my trousers decided to visibly rip right down the ass exposing my bright red boxers that I had purchased on sale from Thailand (that one size that fits all kind you didn’t think you would ever wear). It was horrible as all of the kids sitting in the front were going to see my cheap Thailand undies in a matter of seconds and ask questions about the picture of the elephants on my ass. It was excruciating as there was absolutely no way to hide the massive tear. I performed a 50 minute show that day, it felt like 4 hrs & 50 minutes. The elephants were brought up by the children several times.

2. Adelaide Fringe Fun Run. Gentlemen of Deceit were performing at the Adelaide Fringe Festival a few years back and Vyom was also performing his own solo show. We were all at the venue helping Vyom get ready for his performance when he realised he left most of his show in the boot of his car parked 2.4km away. People were already lining up to come into the tent (yes a tent) as the show started in a mere 15 minutes. We had no access to another car so naturally I was coaxed into sprinting the nearly 5 km round trip in my brand spanking new slim fit suit. Through the dirt, grass and 36 degree heat I galloped to fetch Vyom his box of red scarves, coins, bottles and such for him to perform in a show that he titled 7 stories ( a show that actually only had 6 stories in it). Vyom only started the show 12 minutes late like a trooper.

So this year when you come and see our show you may see us barrel roll through a routine or even be lucky enough to see one of us experience a profound moment of clarity. Either way we trust you will be wowed.

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