10 things you didn't (care to) know about the Gentlemen of Deceit

10. On average in a Gentleman of Deceit show, around 6 mistakes occur But the audience rarely notices them. Yes, half the show is the three boys looking confident in the full knowledge that something is not right. When one of them is on stage, the other 2 are usually backstage handling a magic emergency: gaffer taping key props, resuscitating puppies, they've faced it all. 9. Luke does a KILLER impression of David Copperfield It is no secret that Luke always wanted to be D.C. By age 12 he had all the mannerisms down. By 18, half the tricks, and since yesterday's shopping spree, the wardrobe. 8. As kids, all three wanted to be magicians All 3 of them, around the age of 6, genuinely considered magic as a career path. But they all started learning magic at very different ages - Alex at 6, Luke at 11 and Vyom at 17. 7. Gentleman of Deceit were previously called "A Modern Deception" Yes, in a not so coy attempt to seem modern, the boys put 'modern' in the name of the group. But the pressure to keep up to date with pop culture, counterbalanced with Alex' extensive repertoire of B.C. era magic (read: cups and ball trick) proved unbearable. 6. Of the trio, one is lactose intolerant, one is vegetarian, and the other has no dietary restrictions

Just thought you should know before you invite them over for dinner. 5. Luke knows a surprising amount about car insurance Seriously, if you ever have an accident - call this guy. During the 2013 Comedy Festival Run, THIS happened to Vyom on the way to the show (photo of my smashed car). He was threatened with inflammatory letters from the other party. Having experience in the industry, Luke gladly held his hand through the whole process. After it was all over, Luke let go of Vyom's hand, much to Vyom's relief. 4. Every year during the Comedy Festival run the boys play a prank on each other This is something that happens only in one show out of the whole run, and no one knows who is going to get punked. In the past, mid trick, Vyom has had his playing cards switched out for a completely mismatched set. In 2013, Alex, right after delivering a punchline was treated to the sound effects of crickets playing through the speakers. 2015 is Luke's year... 3. No human has ever pronounced Alex' surname correctly on first reading DelaRambelje - go on, try it. Dealer-ambell-jay? Dela-Rambel-hey? DelaGuardia? All these have been said before. How is it supposed to be pronounced? Legend has it that no one knows, and no one cares. Of note, same goes for Vyom's first name (Vyom)- Vye-Ohm? Vee -yome? Vroom? All these have been said before. Interestingly, Luke Hocking doesn't have this problem. He has other problems. 2. Vyom has zero ability to perform magic for children Performing magic for children is an underrated ability. Alex and Luke perform excellent shows for children's parties and also their acclaimed stage show Make Your Parents Disappear. The closest Vyom came to performing for kids was in 2013 doing a show for year 7 students. When one child heckeled, Vyom lampooned the numeracy skills of not just that child, but any and all students in the once-great-state of South Australia. After the show Alex and Luke informed Vyom that mocking children is not usually a segment in a children's magic show. This surprised Vyom. 1. Australia's Got Talent is their biggest challenge yet After throwing the pots/pans/kitchen sink at 5 years of Melbourne International Comedy Festival shows, G.o.D. got rave reviews, articles and national TV coverage. Which is great. But Luke wanted more. He wanted prime time televisoin time. Vyom reminded him that pursuing such superficial goals is not healthy for one's id. Alex agreed, until he heard of the prizemoney given to the winner of the context. Then his greedy eyes lit up. Sandwiched between the bread rolls of greed and ego, Vyom had no choice. Reluctantly, he agreed to parttake in Australia's largest talent competition.

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