How to make an ICE CREAM TRUCK appear

There they were, on the grand final of Australia’s Got Talent, in front of thousands of people in the audience and with hundreds of thousands of people watching at home. What better place to do a magic trick they had never done before?

When one of the judges, Sophie Monk, picked ‘a life-time supply of ice-cream’ as her dream lottery purchase, the magician’s fates were sealed. It was now or never. Either make an ice-cream truck appear or go home.

The story behind what lead up to this moment is far more incredible and surprising than the moment itself. During the preparation for the grand final the AGT production team wanted lots of options for things the gentlemen could make appear. There were taco trucks, boats, Combi vans, motorcycles and many more. The ice-cream truck was arranged amongst several other options, but there was a problem. The truck was too heavy for the stage. If they’d made it appear it would have fallen straight through the floor.

Luckily the production team had a back up truck that was a fair bit smaller then the first. The day before filming during the rehearsal they discovered another serious issue. The white cloth that they lifted up to make the chosen lottery purchase appear was massive, bigger then any they had used before. So big in fact that it almost fell apart 24 hours before show day. A quick trip to Bunnings, three hours of reinforcements, and three Xanax’s later, everything seemed on track.

The rest they say is history. Everything went to plan and each disaster was averted. The moment the act finished the gentlemen fell into each other’s arms. As Eddie Perfect said, it was clear that they were relieved, and obviously there had been a reasonably high likelihood of things going south. In a big way Eddie.

The gentlemen are hitting the stage in Melbourne and Sydney, and crossing their fingers again that everything works. Lets hope lightening can strike twice!

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