The real secret to a good magic trick!

‘Trick’… is a very dirty word. Nobody likes to be fooled or mislead, and if a magician has just tricked you, they have failed you in more ways than one! One teaches a dog to do tricks, and therefore a magician’s ‘tricks’ should be far more impressive than simply, ‘shake’ or ‘roll over.’ The magician’s job is to entertain his audience. The last thing any self-respecting magician wants is for someone to leave the show preoccupied only with, ‘ he tricked me, now what’s for dinner?’

​ Unfortunately, the art of clever and entertaining magic has become somewhat lost in the last ten years, largely due to the rise of ‘Street Magic’ on television. Generally speaking, seeing street style magic on TV and live magic on stage are two very different things. At it’s core, magic really and truly belongs on stage, in front of a live audience. Audiences today see the likes of Dynamo on TV and are well and truly tricked and befuddled. But what is really going on? In reality, TV magic relies on camera tricks, edits, off camera work and stooges. So you need to ask yourself, “What am I really watching here?” This is the grey area where the art of Live Magic and TV Magic part their separate and honourable ways.

In Live Magic, things are undeniably happening right under the noses of the audience. When a live magic show tricks you, genuinely puzzles you and ultimately entertains you, there is really nothing quite like it! The real secret, and indeed ‘art’ to a magic trick, is not how it is done. In fact, that part would deeply disappoint most people. The secret lies in leaving the audience amazed and awe-struck, unsure of how something just happened before their very eyes. That is true entertainment. The Gentlemen of Deceit pride themselves on perfecting the ‘art’ of magic. So come along, expect the unexpected and prepare to be entertained.

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